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 Activate Your Destiny in the Journey of Purpose

 Many think that to find ones purpose is an event to experience in the future. We show in our language that we are putting it off to the future, it becomes a “SOME-DAY OCCURRENCE” phenomenon. We show in our language that our faith is always yet to produce, we like to say “one day I will” or “when God does this or that I’ll know my purpose.”

 Maybe you have heard it said many times, “God’s ways are not as our ways and His thoughts are not as our thoughts.” Well if that be the case, it stands to reason that He would look at purpose in a different manner than we. But try not to be intimidated because of His ways being higher than our ways. We are His creation and He has built us to comprehend, download, and cooperate with His ways. He granted this through our acceptance of His Son Jesus as Savior and Lord.

 Since God created you, surely He has a way to get you involved in the function for which you were created. So we must ask for His courage and His wisdom. Courage because some of the things we need to do we have long since given up on and wisdom because we need guidance once we have made the commitment to follow Him.

 Are you ready to continue your journey by being equipped with additional knowledge? (The preceding passage was taken from the book’s foreword.) This book will help you understand what purpose is not, how everything in life counts, and the mindset necessary to victoriously fulfill your God-given destiny. Further, the book includes prayers and proclamations that will strengthen your faith as you take each step of this journey.

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 It's Time to Pray With Understanding
Get God's fail-prof answers by praying the revealed will of God.
The Holy Bible teaches that we should pray with the Spirit and
with the understanding I Cor.14:15.


 Financial Prosperity: God’s System for Evangelism

 If you are serious about fulfilling your role in God’s strategic plan for taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, you should want to know how God desires to use you to bring His vision to pass.

 As you study the word, you are positioning yourself in the Father’s plan to be used in these last days for His glory. Deuteronomy 8:18 says: “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God; for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”

 As children of God we must develop a sound foundation on God’s principle of giving and receiving. For the Church to prosper, we must realize the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and constantly follow the battle plan mandated by God’s word. Because our true citizenship is in Heaven, we are not limited to the world’s system or standards for achieving success.

 As you begin to apply God’s principles for prosperity, you will develop a deeper understanding of who God is, and hopefully, will be drawn into more intimate fellowship with God. I’ve often said, “Any man who gives God control of his wallet also gives God control of his heart.”

 While God’s love for us is totally unconditional, we must meet the conditions for reaping the benefits of his prosperity. As you faithfully apply the principles taught in this book, God will place you in a position to prosper, so that you may spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Adapted from the book’s foreword)

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 Growing Past the Elementary Things
The term "faith" has come to mean a certain group's spiritual philosophy, instead of it being the essential element in the life of every believer that can bring pleasure to God (Heb.11:6). My hope is that in reading this book you will be inspired to not only realize the importance of Christian faith, but also grow in Biblical faith. This kind of faith will usher you into a viable, productive, and constructive relationship with God (2Cor.6:1), and with others in the body of Christ.

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If you're really desirous of God to do more in your life, why are you holding on to so much of yours?
Pastor Ford
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